Saturday, 14 November 2009

Class 37's at Saltburn

From the excellent new Class 37 pack, available from the Steam DLC now, a pair of DRS 37's working an RHTT service crawl into Saltburn.

Monday, 9 November 2009

From 2D to 3D

Following on from my posts yesterday of Tees/Thornaby Yard and the use of the decal, here are some shots now that the area has started to "rise" from the ground.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

A Little Bit Later On

Finished the east end of the yard now, I daren't imagine how much time has been saved doing the yard with the decal tool. This shot shows the east end looking back to the earlier screenshot, the yard really is quite large.

A Short While Later

Track laying is much easier now, especially when big yards are involved.

Work Can Commence!

Work can now commence on Thornaby/Tees Yard. This is an area that I wasn't looking forward to but now thanks to Jim's excellent RWDecal tool, it will help immensely.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Donation Button

Some of you may have noticed a donation button to the left of my blog. Don't worry, it isn't a mistake but it also was intended.

Although much of my work is freeware, building real life routes to the standard I want doesn't come cheap and the main cost behind developing a route, for me, is research material and research trips in particular.

For instance, during the building of Newcastle to York "Modern" I did 17 dedicated research trips in all which I have now calculated to a grand total of £414.70. This is without the costs I have incurred for the building of custom objects, reskins and extra scenarios to be built. Of course, the route being payware, I might have a chance of making these costs back.

On the other side of the coin (no pun intended), there is the Darlington to Saltburn route which has had 9 research trips so far. Fortunately, Northern Rail do a Tyne Tees Day Ranger for £17 which means I can travel as much along the route in one day, however, things change and I still have to go out now and again to update my research photos.

Now, I am not asking everyone to donate, nor am I asking for large amounts of money. It is entirely up to you, if you feel the desire to donate something to help me in my research, go for it, if not, I understand.

RW Decal Tool Now Available

Jim Nobbs (Nobkins) has made available his excellent RWDecal application to enable you to convert multiple Google Earth decals in one go. This excellent program saves much more time and can help the decals be placed much more accurately.

The product is Donationware (a minimum of £1 is required for the full license but well worth it) but you can download the evalution version in order to try out the program with restrictions.