Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Cresston V2 Released

I am pleased to announce the release of Cresston V2. The route is available here:- Cresston V2 This will require to sign up for the forum.

If you have a previous version of Cresston installed, it is suggested to install it using the Package Manager and also load up the game and delete the route from the route list manually using the "delete" button.

The original low level route of 11.8 miles is still included with the following stations and industry:-

* Cresston
* Oakbridge Low Level
* Stonedale
* Brunswood (Disused)
* Oakbridge Power Station

The high level electrified main line route is around 40 miles long incorporating the regional loop and includes the following stations and industry:-

* Bell Mill University
* Oakbridge High Level
* Micklow
* Telbury Manor
* Lanyeard
* Hanswell Container Terminal
* Deerview
* Halbrook
* Laynewalk Hill

Finally, the heritage line that diverges from Lanyeard is 15.8 miles long and includes the following stations:-

* Lanyeard
* Hatterby Junction (Heritage services/Railtours reverse or turn around here to continue to the coast)
* Thwaite
* Breskerr

That brings the sum total of the route to around 68 miles with many passenger and freight options available. The route can be used in independently in the three different sections or scenarios can be made to bring all three together.

For full effect, there are three additional downloads required for the route, Slant Fencing, Palisade Fencing and Chainlink Fencing. All can be downloaded from the following locations:-

There are also two very basic scenarios included for the purpose of enabling the user to drive the route immediately. More are planned in the coming days from myself and the community.

Finally, this is a copy of the V2 route map.