Saturday, 24 January 2009

Not much progress over recent days I'm afraid, due to certain situations at home. I have loaded RS up a couple of times to do bits and bobs on the route, as well as messing about with a fictional route for my own enjoyment but not enough to post a progress shot at this moment.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday Development

Although not as busy as I would have liked, I have managed to do some bits and pieces today. This has mainly been set around the Teesport area and the old abandoned British Steel station just west of there. I have also been taking a look at the area around Darlington which is only minimally done so far and have started placing some bits and pieces there of which I have included a couple of shots below.

The first shot is taken alongside the now abandoned British Steel station just west of Teesport. An EWS liveried Class 47 can be seen taking empties back into the steel complex.

The next shot shows a very crude view of Parkgate and Yarm Road, Darlington with the 1S19 NXEC service departing north for Aberdeen.

The final shot of this update again shows the NXEC service with a view from Platform 4.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Middlesbrough Approach - Riverside Stadium

As a follow on from my last post, I have worked on the area surrounding the Middlesbrough Riverside Stadium in order to get a viewpoint of whether the use of multiple buildings in the shape of a stadium can work. The buildings and the shape of the stadium are to scale, that is a start, and once the access bridge has been placed along with a certain amount of foliage, it passes off ok in my opinion. Not that I have a lot of choice until someone places a shiny new modelled stadium in my inbox.

The following shot shows the approach to Middlesbrough Railway Station with the stadium top right and the Transporter Bridge peeking out from behind.

Development - Transporter Bridge

Today, I thought I would throw in a quick post here to show a development shot. As stated previously in this blog, apart from the signs that I have created, I am not really tech savvie enough to make detailed objects myself, couple this with the fact that there are limitations to the objects available to use in Rail Simulator, it does make progress difficult at times. I had been planning to use the QE2 bridge that comes with the game in order to somehow recreate the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough but still hadn't figured the best way to do it. This was until today when I received an email from Paulus, a fellow route developer who suggested using the bridge model to create the supports as well by tilting them 90 degrees. Up close, it does look rather crude but from a distance which is where it would be seen by train, it can pass off as the bridge.

Below is a shot of the bridge, at distance, as if approaching from Saltburn. The large "building" in the foreground, is in fact the Middlesbrough Riverside Stadium, another landmark that cannot be recreated in detail using the available objects. This may, or may not stay in current form, I am going to create the surrounding area, access bridge and foliage etc to see how it looks.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A View East Of Darlington

This post will now show more progress shots of scenery and intermediate stations east of Darlington. These show roughly where I am now at in terms of progress so after this there wont be as many shots all at once, just hopefully a shot a day time permitting with a little write up on the progress.
The first one shows Dinsdale station which has had quite a revamp since the first time I did it.

Next we see a view of Eaglescliffe, lots still to be completed here, with a Grand Central HST awaiting departure.

We now move on to a part of the line where the A66 crosses above and the line diverges ahead, straight on for Stockton and right for Thornaby.

Next we see the River Tees on the approach to Thornaby with the new bridge still under construction to the left.

The final two images show Middlesbrough Railway Station in a very bare form, mainly just to show the layout of the station as it is today. Please note that the canopies are intended to be there at the moment for viewing purposes in the hope that an improved canopy arrives soon from the community.

Monday, 12 January 2009

The Other Station In Darlington

My final post of tonight shows the other station in Darlington, North Road, where there is also a museum located. Again, what used to be a quite busy station now features just one platform whilst trains no longer stop inside the station building.

North Road, looking towards the line to Bishop Auckland

Another shot of North Road, this time to focus on another sign created by me.

Up Bishop Auckland Way

The next group of shots are concentrated on the area of the line west of Darlington, namely Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe and Heighington. You will notice in these shots, the end product of my first attempts at sign creation using the excellent enamel sign pack by Paul Godber. As a man of limited technical knowledge, this pack has enabled me to create my own signs as similar as possible to those on the line.

The first shot is of Bishop Auckland railway station, a far cry from the old days when it was a bustling hub of activity. For reference, Derek Siddle is also creating a route based around this area in the 1950-1980 era. A link can be found at the bottom of this post and it is interesting to see just how this particular station has changed.

The next shot is again of Bishop Auckland from a different angle taking in examples of the signs I have created.
Below, is an early draft of Heighington, although basic scenery is in place, there are still many elements to be included.

The final shot of this post shows Newton Aycliffe and the sports centre to the right.

Derek Siddle's excellent blog can be found here:-

The First Shots

Welcome to my new blog, dedicated to my development of the Bishop Auckland to Saltburn railway line for Rail Simulator. This project will hopefully be available for download in the middle part of 2009 and 99% of the objects and scenery used are available with the game as is. A few extra objects will be needed, mainly my own signs and a couple of other items. Further to this, all extra objects are freeware so no extra cost will be required for anyone downloading it.

As I am already part of the way into the development of the route, there will be quite a few shots shown below, this may look like I have made a load of progress and that I am flying through the route but this isn't the case, it takes time, especially if you want to replicate the route as close to real life as possible.

OK, time to show off the work done so far starting with the Darlington area.
The shot below represents the South Approach to Darlington. This is the very first screen that was taken from the route and shows the Darlington station building with the first draft of trackwork.

This next shot covers the east approach from Saltburn.

And the final shot from this section covers the North End of the station. This was my first real attempt at placing scenery in the route and since then this shot has changed dramatically of which a screenshot will be posted at a later date.